Choose Advanced and Lightweight CMS

SiMan CMS is web application you can use to create a fast and powerful website with minimum server resources. We like to say that SiMan CMS is free; and it has architecture with quality and stability of commercial systems. 

The core software is designed to be used on low-cost hardware and (of course) it works great on fast servers and cloud servers. For now a lot of projects with several millions visitors per month using SiMan CMS for frontend and backend.

It is a great solution for the startup owners at the first (and often next) stages of the business. You don't need an IT degree to maintain the site with SiMan CMS but if you are developer - you have a powerfull tool for your projects too!

Key Features

Advanced Editing

Editing content is easy and useable with SiMan CMS. You can use admin part of the site or just navigate through your site's content and change what you need.

SEO Friendly

Unlike much other, SiMan CMS has SEO functionality out of the box. Both automatic and manual SEO friendly URLs available.


SiMan CMS is free, open, and available to anyone. Support via forum or email is free too.

CMF Features

SiMan CMS has great developer tools. SiMan UI Kit allows to create web application with minimum coding.

Super Fast

SiMan CMS is very fast and lightweight. For hi-load websites it can be configured to use internal cache system to work even faster!

Modular System

SiMan CMS can be customized with additional modules. It is easy to build new modules by PHP-beginners with our Module Generator!

Themes Support

The new look of website can be applied with just a few clicks. Smarty template engine allows to develop very customizable themes.

Safe & Secure

SiMan CMS designed to keep data safe and secure. It has built-in configurable anti-brute-force features.

SiMan CMS 1.6.14

New in SiMan CMS release:

  • Blocks management rewritten
  • Ability to exclude content and news from search
  • Blacklisted useragents
  • Core updated and bugs fixed
  • Developer's KIT multiple updates and fixes


Deprecated and discontinued items in SiMan CMS 1.6.13/1.6.14

SiMan CMS 1.6.13 will be the last version supported of these code:

  • TForm::AddSelectSQL
  • TQuery $execute parameter for Insert, Update and Remove methods will be removed and should be replaced to TQuery::SQLGenerationModeOn

Will be removed in 1.6.14:

  • TBoardMessages class.
  • Tabs in TForm (all methods and properties related to tabs).
  • $_msgbox dialog.
  • TForm parameters adminform_updates_nllist, adminform_files_nllist.


SiMan CMS 1.6.13

New in SiMan CMS release:

  • PHP 7 compatibility, mysqli extension as default
  • Core updated and bugs fixed
  • Developer's KIT multiple updates
  • Better CLI support


SiMan CMS 1.6.12

New in SiMan CMS release:

  • Core updated and bugs fixed
  • Developer's KIT update
  • YouTube replacer module
  • Cookies directive module


SiMan CMS 1.6.11

New in SiMan CMS release:

  • News module updated
  • Developer's KIT data exchange helper (for exchanging data between pages)
  • Developer's KIT update
  • Code optimization and bugfixes
  • Core pre-init customization ability
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